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A logistics service provider with heart and soul

When it comes to logistics, we are true all-rounders: cargo transport, warehouse logistics, container logistics and tyre logistics. We find the optimal approach to your logistics challenges in order to keep things running at top speed. The best part? You decide the extent to which you require our expertise – from individual services all the way to comprehensive solutions.

Service that you can rely on

The most important commodities in our charge are your satisfaction and trust. That is why we guarantee to handle your cargo with the utmost care. We also pledge to do everything in our power to keep your goods safe. And, when it comes to safety, we make sure to train not only our drivers, but also all of our employees on the ground.

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Every piece is in good hands

Time is money. This is as true for us as it is for you. That is why we move more than 350 000 metric tonnes of cargo every year with an impressive fleet of vehicles, an extensive Switzerland-wide transport network, experienced transport professionals, and a level of efficiency that is second to none – whether you need your goods to arrive in 24 hours or even faster.

Container Containerlogistik

Get the most out of container shipping

There are many advantages to container shipping: easy and fast unloading, quick turnaround times, high levels of efficiency. Containers are also by far the most inexpensive alternative in terms of storage. They are easy to stack, which means that they require relatively little floor area and the space required can be calculated with a great deal of precision. And, last but not least, containers are ideal for road and rail transport. With our container logistics, we make the most of all of these advantages.

Lager Lagerlogistik

Truckloads of advantages

As an experienced logistics provider, warehouse management is naturally one of our core areas of expertise. With a powerful infrastructure and more than 30 000 m2, we have just the right space to store any type of goods. Our trained warehouse logistics specialists make sure that your shipments are properly looked after and are ready on time and in the right format for the next stage of their journey.

Raederlogistik Reifenlogistik

We keep the wheels of the industry turning

We understand that tyres have special requirements when it comes to storage, handling and maintenance. Which is why we have been tasked with storing more than 30 000 tyres from renowned vehicle manufacturers for the coming season. We provide the expertise and the infrastructure, you provide the best tyres in the world. Moreover, in addition to tyre logistics, we also offer transport services and additional services such as prompt delivery and contactless tyre washing.

Sustainable parcel delivery

Thanks to our partners, we have a nationwide network of branches and a first-class modern infrastructure, enabling us to deliver throughout Switzerland with passion and precision. Your parcels are largely transported via rail. With overnight freight trains, we are able to both save time and transport goods in an environmentally friendly way.

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